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Does a perfect resume even exist?

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Most of us while building a resume face challenges like where do we start, what is the correct format, what are the right keywords, what makes a resume perfect, and does a perfect resume even exist?

Let's find out the answer together!

In my decade long career in recruitment, I have been asked these questions again and again: "As a seasoned Recruiter, what do you think is a perfect resume? What do I put on a resume that makes it standout? How do I reach that stage of perfection where I receive a call back for an interview after I send my application? etc.."

After coaching hundreds of professionals, I realized the answer lies in the word Individuality which literally means 'the quality or character of a particular person that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked'.

Let's take this a step further and let me explain. I promise you will leave appreciative and proud of the fundamental principle of individualism and self-awareness. Let's dive in!

"Why do I need a work on my resume?"

Do you wonder why does a resume needs so much work? Why can't the employers just call you and ask questions about your profile? Why does this piece of paper we call a resume needs to look good?

Well, think about it this way! It's your wedding day, you are all dressed up fancy, the entire family has gathered for your big day and you see someone shows up in their shorts and sweat shirts, would they receive the same hospitality as others? Would you not give them a look?

You probably would! And the reason is simple. You expect everyone coming to the wedding to put some efforts in dressing up and looking decent enough to be respectful of the ceremony and the people getting married. You put so much hard work, planning and dedication (for weeks if not months) to make this day a huge success, and they show up not caring much about it too much. That just sounds unfair, doesn't it?

The same way, a resume is literally the representation of your profile and persona. The more hard work you put into it, the more aligned it looks with your goals. And therefore, it attracts the most successful organizations out there whose goals, vision and values matches yours! It tells those potential employers that you two would be an excellent fit for each other. And that, my friend, would get you a call for that interview you've been waiting for!

So, get to work and stun your potential employer with a perfect resume!

“Be original, show off your hard work, and tell your story through your resume.”

Good luck!




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